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Kinter Media is a full video production services provider that aims to enhance your business.

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Kinter Media is a top rated video service provider that aims to enhance your business. No matter what type of business you’re running, or type of video you want, you can rest assured that our media production services are just what you need to bring your brand into the spotlight and maximize your following. Let us do the heavy lifting in pre production, during the production phase, and post production.

As a leading Dallas media company, you can count on us to create exciting and engaging content that will ensure your target audience engage effectively with your product or brand, driving up conversions and increasing your revenue.

Are you ready to learn more about our cost effective video production and video editing services? Then read on and discover how we can help you tell your brand story in the most effective and innovative way.

Pre Production

We work in close collaboration with you to create an enhanced online video storytelling marketing strategy for your brand. We’ll work with you to establish your budget, clarify your message and purpose, define your target market, create a storyboard and script and finally generate a shot list and shoot location.


Thanks to our strategic production execution we can captivate your target audience while effectively establishing your brand identity. Our production processes can create a video for a wide range of purposes including social media videos, promotional service or product videos, lifestyle videos and documentaries to tell your brand’s story in the most engaging ways.

Post Production

Once your video has been written and filmed we embark on our thorough and detailed post production process – editing, mixing soundtracks, adding voiceovers and creating special effects for your project.

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Why Video Production is Your
Business's Solution

As experts in the industry, we know that video production can do something that other mediums cannot – tell your brand’s story in a highly communicative and cost effective way. When you need to educate, persuade or instruct your target audience, video is the answer to your marketing problems.

Video production is an extremely powerful and high value marketing solution to reach audiences effectively and engagingly. Video can:

  • Explain even complicated topics in the most compelling way
  • Hold the audience’s attention effectively
  • Demonstrate rather than tell
  • Attract fresh leads and boost conversions
  • Draw in audiences through social media platforms
  • Boost the search engine ranking of your website
  • Build and inspire trust in your brand
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Video Production Benefits

Effective video production can raise the bar on your marketing campaigns while improving brand perception. It has been proven that adding product videos on landing pages can boost conversions by up to 80% and directly lead to more sales. A study has revealed that almost three-quarters of people who watched a video explaining a service or product would subsequently buy it. Essentially, then, video can effectively boost audience engagement with your brand and thus enhance your marketing campaigns exponentially.

Well-executed video production allows you to spread your marketing message far more effectively than alternative formats. Video content is actively encouraged on social media platforms and sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube enable videos from brands like yours to easily be shared, thus expanding your marketing reach without any need for additional effort or expense on your behalf.

It has been demonstrated that more people are likely to take the time to watch digital media over other formats. When you use video marketing, therefore, you can easily increase the amount of time visitors spend on your brand’s website. Video content can easily be consumed with no need to read product descriptions or spend time searching through endless web pages for information. Modern customers live a fast-paced lifestyle and want the information they seek to be instantly available.

Video is, therefore, the ideal marketing tool for today’s contemporary consumers. The longer your target audience are exposed to your brand message, the more trust is built up and the more they are likely to share your messages with their friends and family members to expand your reach. Furthermore, your website is 53 times more likely to appear at the top of the search engine rankings if videos are embedded on your site – something that is essential if you want to reach the maximum number of people.

Our creative video producers can help you to become even more influential in your business’s niche by showcasing certain aspects of your company in new and engaging ways. If you’re launching a new service or product, creating a video is the best way to show your target market how it works. An impressive 98% of users have reported watching explainer videos to find out what they wanted to know about a service or product. You can harness this power for your own business to highlight complex concepts and events, and bring your ideas and products to life in a way that no other media can.

When a web video is put together effectively, it makes a bold statement in contrast to your competing businesses. Effective marketing is all about making your brand stand out from the crowd and raising it above its competition. Our video production experts can create outstanding web videos that will tell your brand’s story in such an innovative way that your brand name will become instantly recognizable. Remember, too, that having a video on your website will automatically give you a boost up the search engine rankings – something that will also help you to get the edge over your business rivals.

Effective video production raises the bar on your marketing campaigns and improves brand perception. As experts in the media production industry, we know from experience that trust lies at the very heart of conversions and sales, and building up long-term relationships with your target market couldn’t be more important. Videos give your brand a unique voice and this inspires a connection between your business and its target audience.

Video production will bring your audience to you as you’ll be supplying them with the useful and interesting information that they seek in an engaging and easily consumable format. Video content ignites emotions and brings your brand message to life. While some consumers remain skeptical about purchasing services and products online, an effective marketing video will give potential customers the confidence they seek to make that purchase from your company.

Let’s Get This Show On The Road!

There’s never been a better time to introduce video production into your business’s marketing strategy, so get in touch with Kinter Media today. As a leading media company, we can offer you and your company the benefit of our expertise and experience in the industry, creating exciting and engaging corporate videos that will effectively promote your products and services.

We’re always keen to work with new clients in Dallas Fort Worth on all types of video production, from the simplest to the most demanding. Our video directors, cinematographers, camera operators and film crew in general are able to make creating your professional video content easy thanks to our streamlined video production processes, so get in touch with us today and make your messaging and offers stand out from the crowd.

Just hit the “book now” button, let us know the type of vide you're looking for, and you’ll soon be discussing your upcoming video project with one of our top notch producers.

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