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Our post-production services are designed to take your content to the next level. Whether you're a filmmaker, podcaster, or content creator, we can help you enhance your content with our professional post-production services.

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Kinter Media is a full-service commercial video post-production company and service provider that aims to enhance your business.Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life. From video editing to sound design, color grading, and more, we offer a wide range of post-production services to help you achieve the perfect final product. Trust us to help you create content that stands out and engages your audience. Thanks to our experts in the post-production media team, our services can elevate your video marketing content and polish your cinematic content, so that it can be seen in the best light possible.

Our video production process encompasses three stages:

Pre Production

All preparation, planning and scheduling before the filming takes place.


The actual process of filming the video content.

Post Production

All editing, graphics, color grading, special effects and sound design following the shooting of the video.

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Why Video Post-Production Is So Important
To Your Marketing Strategy?

As a leading media company, we have an in-depth understanding of why video post-production is so important to your video content marketing strategy. Simply producing a video to promote your brand, products and services isn’t enough to elevate your business’s status and achieve full marketing potential. Post-production puts the final touches to that content, taking it to a whole new level of success.

If you want to truly engage to the maximum extent with your target audience, you must ensure that you’re working with a talented and skilled team of experienced media production professionals who are accomplished in all elements of post-production and who can boost the effectiveness of your video content to the highest level.

The elements of video post-production include:

  • Editing
  • Color grading and correction
  • Adding special effects
  • Adding graphics
  • Sound design

In fact, most of your video content’s project time will be spent in the post-production stage as it is this part of the video production process that is the most important when it comes to creating the right impression with your target audience and ensuring that your brand message is portrayed in the best possible way.

Video Post Production

Post Production Benefits

Once your video has been filmed, the editing stage begins. This process involves assembling raw footage and turning it into a flowing and coherent story. Our video post-production team will go through all of the shot footage to find all the best takes before putting the footage in sequence, assembling the final elements like motion graphics, sound design and color grading, and finessing the edits’ timing. Editing is something that must be handled by experienced professionals since poor editing will be obvious and glaring and will immediately reduce the effectiveness of your video content.

Our video post-production experts understand the importance of color grading and correction when working on your video content following shooting. Color will add flavor and depth to your content, and this will make your video much more engaging and appealing to your target market.

Color correction involves fixing problems with the footage such as adjusting the exposure or white balance so that it matches the surrounding clips. Meanwhile color grading involves the application of a certain look to your video content in order to create a specific appearance or style

Graphics are illustrated, designed and often animated elements which help your viewers gain a better understanding of your brand message. In some cases, they are as simple as just an explanatory on-screen text whereas in others they are as complex as an entirely animated narrative. Graphics can effectively reinforce your message and visually aid in the telling of your brand story while enhancing the viewer’s experience.

The amount of special effects used in video production today often comes as a surprise to those who are unfamiliar with the world of media creation. Many shots which are taken for granted are actually created using compositing and green screens with layered multiple effects. Although corporate video content may not be as complex as a Hollywood blockbuster, there is still often a requirement for extensive compositing in order to create visual effects that truly grab the attention of the viewer. Special effects create an illusion that engages the audience and helps to make your brand message more memorable and more exciting.

Sometimes called audio sweetening, sound design involves the balancing of audio levels, the addition and adjustment of music and the laying in of sound effects. Essentially, sound design brings into play the theatre of the audience’s mind. Without the right sound effects at just the right time, the complexion of your video content will be completed altered and its impact can all-too-easily be lost. It’s important to bear in mind that video isn’t only a visual medium but also an audio one.

Sound design will add texture, emotion and depth to your content and helps in the effective telling of a brand story. Watch any video with the sound turned down and you’ll realize just how important sound elements can be in creating the right atmosphere and tone for the visual content. Even something as simple as bird song in shots of suburban neighborhoods or traffic sounds in footage of a city center can sell the imagery that you’re using, even when the things that make those noises cannot be seen by the viewer. Remember that there is nothing heard in any video that isn’t intentional.

A video’s music soundtrack can be highly effective in taking your content from average to amazing. Of course, it goes without saying that background music must blend effectively with the project’s visual portion, matching its tone and the edits’ pacing in order to project your brand’s message effectively to its target audience. The music you select will inform your video’s tone, and a skilled and experienced post-production professional will customize the soundtrack in order to match the tempo, volume changes and pace of the video’s action.

Not every video will require a voiceover, but in many cases it will assist in clarifying your brand’s key message while driving home all the important points of your content. Our post-production team can work closely with you to select the right voiceover talent to deliver your message in the most effective way to your core market. Once the voiceover has been recorded, we will match it to the edit of the video so that the production will have a cohesive feel and look.

Wrapping Up Your Video Production

When you need expert and experienced video post-production for your content marketing strategy, you need look no further than the talented team here at Kinter Media. Video content is one of the best ways to promote your company’s services and products, and choosing the right post-production professionals is imperative if your strategy is to achieve its ultimate marketing and promotional goals. We’re keen to work with all types of new client within the Dallas Fort Worth area on video projects large and small.

Thanks to our streamlined video post-production processes, you can count on us to make it easier than ever before to create effective video content that really sells your brand and expresses its message. Just get in touch today to find out more about how we can work with you to accomplish your content marketing mission or hit our “book now” button and begin discussing your next video post-production project with our specialist team.

With quality video post-production having the capacity to take your brand’s video content to a whole new level of success, it should be a top priority for your company, so give us a call now and whether your video is designed to entertain, persuade or educate, you can be certain that our experts will give it their full attention in order to make the biggest impact on your target audience.

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